“Enhanced” “Pin”Casts

February 5, 2008

Beginning with episode 29 on February 9, WDW News Today plans on pushing the technology to its limit. During our weekly pin trading segments, as we mention an upcoming pin to be released, we will be providing a picture of that pin to viewers. This feature is only a sample of what will be heard and, for the first time, seen on the WDW News Today Podcast every week.

Enhanced podcasts do have one negative feature, you can not play them on most MP3 players. The file format for this is a .m4a which can play on Apple’s iPod, Microsoft’s Zune, or Apple’s Itunes. If you do not have any of these devices or applications, you can still listen to and watch our enhanced show on our Podcast Download Directory. If you need or would like the regular standard edition of the WDW News Today Podcast, they will still be available for download listed below the enhanced files on both Itunes and in our podcast directory. We hope you enjoy the WDWNT Enhanced podcast and hope to bring you many more in the coming months.

Expedition:Pins UPDATE!!!

February 1, 2008

Please note that as of Wednesday, January 30 2008 Expedition:Pins is now SOLD OUT!!!

A waiting list is available by going to: