The “International Pincast Listener Awards” show will be coming during Episode # 196 of the Pincast for Jan.6,2012!!

***Please send your Nominations to me: john@cjdpt.com***.

***Nominations must be received by: 11:59pm est Sunday, January 1,2012***

A special RSC drawing will be held during that show, it will be only for ANYONE who sends in IPLA nominations!!!

Below are this year’s categories:

***Existing Categories***:


  •  Best Individual Standard:
  • Best Jumbo Pin:
  • Best Series:
  • Best Pin of the Month Series:
  • Best New Concept:
  •  Best Pin Event:
  • Best Hidden Mickey Series:
  •  Outstanding Pin of the Year:

**New For 2011**:

  •         Best Sci-Fi Academy Pin:
  •        Best Florida Project Pin:
  •       Best Mini Event Pin (Love is Magical, Alice In Wonderland, Room 4 One More, etc):
  •       Best Event Pin (Star Wars weekend, D23 Expo, Flower and Garden, etc):
  •       Best Mystery Pin Set:
  •      Best Box or Frame Set:
  •      Best Halloween Pin:
  •      Best Christmas Pin:
  •     Best Holiday (non Xmas or Halloween):
  •      Best Attraction Pin:
  •       Best Movie Pin:
  •       Best WDW 40th Anniversary Pin:
  •       Best Anniversary Pin (movie or attraction):
  •       Best Non-Park Pin (Cruise Line, Disney Stores, Soda Fountain, etc.):
  •       Best Membership has Benefits Pin (D23, DVC, Disney Visa, etc.):

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