IPLS Part-2….

January 10, 2012

This Idea was sent in by Cindy Stabile and I think it’s  Fantastic!!!

“It seems that you are running low in IPLS people to induct and I was thinking maybe for the weeks that you do not have a new person to add, you could read some answers to new questions from existing IPLS members. One of my favorite parts of the Pincast is hearing about my fellow IPLS members and their pins and ideas”. How About these questions?

1.      What Characters, Attractions, Categories of Pins do you collect (up to 5)?

2.      What Character, attraction, etc would you like to see given more attention in pins?

3.      What Disney Crossover* would you like to see done in Pins? (*Disney Crossover means Disney Characters crossed with another Genre of      Character such as Disney-Star Wars Jedi Mickey).

Send your answers to: john@cjdpt.com